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The Healthy, Happy & Hot Program

Online & Small Group Coaching with Samantha George

We have an epidemic of women who are tired of being tired. 

They struggle getting out of bed each morning and rely on caffeine to give them the energy they need to make it through their busy day. 

Their days consist of energy and mood swings and they most often feel stressed & overwhelmed.

They don't recognize the woman they see in the mirror anymore and they can't seem to get their body into shape no matter how many diets they have tried.

These women feel like they're doing everything right but are still plagued by:

 fatigue and energy crashes

stress and anxiety

mood swings

excess weight and body fat

These women often beat themselves up for not doing enough, not looking good enough or not living up to their full potential. They feel restricted and would like more confidence. They want to:

Boost energy levels

Feel body confident


Balance moods

Improve focus and attention

Find their inner vitality 

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How It works

I have created 2 versions of the Healthy, Happy, Hot program both of which have proven to be successful over the years. The best one for you will depend on your unique situation, your personality and your current habits. 


Self-coached option

            This is the option for you if:

  • You rock at behavioral change

  • You're the kind of person who makes a decision & that's it, there's no looking back

  • You have a great support network around you and know they will help you make changes

  • You like to work autonomously, you probably exercise alone and you jump at an opportunity to travel solo

  • You don't like deadlines or having to work in certain time frames

  • You can't easily travel to and within the UK 

  • You want the flexibility to complete the program from anywhere at any time

Small tribe option
(4-6 people)

             This is the option for you if:

  • You want a tribe who will laugh and cry with you, support you and celebrate your success

  • You feel energised in a group of like-minded ladies

  • You do better when you have accountability for tasks

  • You're a team player, determined to reach your goals and take your tribe with you

  • Other people's success is important to you

  • You love a day out socializing

  • You probably prefer exercise classes, group holidays, parties and you like a spa break 

You'll get:
  • 5 month online program covering the 5 Pillars of Health to help you reach your goals

  • Weekly education on the human body, health, energy, nutrition, sleep, stress, movement, mindset and more

  • Online workbook to help you implement your new knowledge and make healthy, sustainable changes, specific to you

  • Bonus workbook chapters on common obstacles

  • Access to community support via a private, online group

  • UK recommended supplier list to easily source the best quality products you may need

You'll get:
  • Everything in the self-coached option along with...​

  • 4 exclusive retreat days for your tribe at epic locations throughout the UK

  • Each retreat consisting of small group coaching on one or two of the Pillars of Health to help you apply changes specific to your life and your body

  • Regular accountability and check-ins

  • Exclusive support chat just for your tribe

  • Monthly zoom coaching calls with me exclusively for you and your tribe 

SALE limited time

From £120 per month

Next intake opening


The best thing I have ever done

"I was feeling exhausted all the time and really uncomfortable in my body. Being overweight and unfit was making me unhappy and stopping me doing what I wanted in life. 

[now] I have more energy, have started to learn how to listen to my body and I feel really positive about the changes I have made. 


I have taken back my self – confidence and have started to value myself again. 


My life has been more positive over the last 6 months than it has been for years.

I am starting to feel like a new person, who is much more healthy with a positive outlook on life. Investing in myself has been the best thing I have ever done!"


I have lots of energy and feel healthy

I was constantly overwhelmed and tired. I could not start the day before having a latte and often had pots and pots of green tea throughout the day to get me through it. I was irritable and short with my family and loved ones and didn’t really like myself as an individual nor the way I looked on photos.


I thought (the program) would be very time consuming and difficult to fit in with my routine. Time is very precious to me as I have a very demanding full time job, two children under 6 that always want my attention and a husband that also wants lots of quality time and attention from me.


Now I have learnt to listen to what my body really needs and made time for myself

I am completely caffeine free, I have lots of energy and feel healthy. I sleep better, I am in better moods and can cope with all the crazy activities that fit into one day. I can smile at myself.

Julia A

I was unable to motivate myself into action

I was overweight, generally unfit and unable to motivate myself into action.

I have now achieved the Belief that I CAN! I now know that exercise will always be a part of my life, I know when to recognize stress and how it is affecting my health and what to do about it.

Samantha is incredibly aware of how we all tick, she is extremely sensitive to/ aware of our emotional state and has a knack of just knowing how we will best achieve. It is a totally uplifting privilege to have someone like that to lean on when the need arises.


I have also learnt that exercise is fun and playful and I realize I laugh in pretty much every session.

I would recommend this to anyone open to being led into a better space, because it will have lasting effect.

Julia W

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