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The Healthy, Happy, Heal Program

One to one coaching with Samantha George

There are a percentage of us who can do all of the 'right' things and still feel as if our bodies are not working properly. These women have probably had lots of tests but the doctor has found nothing wrong despite the fact they have been suffering for a while. They have probably tried lots of alternative healing modalities but still not found the cause of their symptoms. They are frustrated, fed up and just want to know what is going on with their body so that they can work to correct it. 

 This is where the Healthy, Happy, Heal program comes in.

Using a blend of healing modalities to dig deeper than most, we search for the root cause of your symptoms using a range of assessments, functional lab tests and specific diet and lifestyle protocols to work out what may be happening on the inside and how we can help the body find balance.

The Healthy, Happy, Heal program has helped women who suffer from:

IBS (all forms)

Chronic bloating

Food intolerances

Abdominal pain



Insulin resistance

Menopausal difficulties

Chronic lethargy

Weight loss resistance

Disordered eating habits

Chronic pain/Fibromyalgia

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How It works

The art of functional medicine has taught us that many people can have the same symptoms but have different root causes. Likewise, many can have the same root cause that is expressed as different symptoms. For this reason, all Healthy, Happy, Heal programs are designed on an individual basis, ensuring that you get the healing protocol that is right for you

One-to-one Coaching

            This is the option for you if:

  • You have completed the Healthy, Happy, Hot program (or are living a very healthy lifestyle) but are still struggling with symptoms of poor health and lack of vitality

  • You can't find the answer as to why your body is reacting this way

  • You are willing to do what it takes to reclaim your health but just can't work out what that is

  • You are frustrated and feel like you are being fobbed off or not listened to

  • You are proactive about your health, you want to nip these symptoms in the bud before they turn into full blown disease

  • You want to learn more about your body so you can understand what these symptoms are telling you

  • You know you can feel healthy, vibrant and happy with the right knowledge and support

What you will get:
  • A detailed case history and guarantee that someone will listen and take your symptoms seriously

  • In-depth health assessments to understand more about your body

  • A variety of functional lab testing, depending on your case

  • A translation of all lab results in a simple, easy-to-understand manner

  • A holistic health protocol designed specifically for you to address the root of your issues

  • Tools to monitor your progress regularly

  • Bi-weekly one-to-one video check-ins

  • Weekly Q&A session

  • Email/text support

  • Recommendations and referrals to suitable, complimentary practitioners should your case require it

Open year-round

My gut is healthier. I am no longer fatigued, moods have stabilized, brain fog gone.

I was struggling with my digestion, having been given a blanket diagnosis of IBS years ago and then just left to deal with it.

I had gotten to the stage where I was cutting out more and more foods as the triggers seems to be increasing and getting worse. As a consequence, I was struggling with fatigue, low moods, brain fog and not feeling like I was really living.


Now my digestion is working far better. I am less inflamed, my gut is much healthier and working in harmony as it should. I am no longer fatigued, my moods have stabilized, brain fog gone and I’m actually living the life I have always wanted.


One of the best things I have gained from this program is insight; understanding my body, what has gone on, why I was having all these issues and how everything links to everything. And having the knowledge, insight, support and guidance from Samantha on how to improve and better the issues is invaluable.


I think its great value: it’s a whole mind, body and soul holistic approach. I feel very happy about the level of support and I would very much recommend it - things can change and be different and be better; you don’t have to struggle through life and think this is only way you could live your life.


Increased my energy & Decreased Stress

"The programme has benefited me in more than one way - It has increased my energy levels and has made me less lethargic. I now eat a lot healthier & feel good about what I am eating.

This programme has also decreased my stress levels & has made me aware of what my body needs, rather than what it wants.

I definitely would recommend this programme to anyone who wants to become healthier and feel good about what you're eating."


My health and physical appearance have improved dramatically


“I used to feel very lethargic, have mood swings and not be able to concentrate on tasks in hand.


I had reservations about starting a program because I thought I would feel embarrassed & it could be an expensive waste of time. It is totally the opposite!

Life has changed considerably for the better since starting the programme; my health and physical appearance have improved dramatically.

I have a more positive outlook on what I do and how I interact with those around me and feel better within myself. It’s definitely worth every penny.”


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