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Healthy, Happy, Heal is the program for women who want to improve their digestive and hormonal health.

Designed specifically for those who want to feel free to go about their lives without being held back by IBS-type symptoms, menstrual or menopausal difficulties and skin complaints.

This program focuses on seeking the route cause of these imbalances and helping the body heal naturally.

Healthy, Happy, Heal


One-to-one coaching online and in-person to:

      Improve gut health

      Balance hormones

      Eradicate brain fog

      Boost energy

      Sleep better

      Get that GLOW back

 Healthy, Happy, Hot is the one-stop program for women who want to boost their energy levels, de-stress, lose weight and tone up, brighten their mood, and improve their body confidence. 

Designed specifically for busy women who have a history of yo-yo dieting, a love/hate relationship with exercise and although they probably know what to do, they struggle to consistently do it.

Healthy, Happy, Hot 


Self study, online and small group coaching to:

      Boost energy (consistently)

      Lose weight/tone up


      Balance moods

      Improve focus and attention

      Feel confident and REVITALZED

Healthy, Happy, Focus is our corporate wellbeing program designed to increase productivity, boost energy and focus, manage stress and improve work:life balance.

This program is designed for industry leaders who want to boost the health of their teams and promote a healthy, effective, sustainable, workforce.

Healthy, Happy, Calm & Focused 


Online, one-to-one and small group coaching to:

      Increase productivity

      Manage stress

      Boost energy

      Gain better focus & concentration

      Improve health

      Create a sustainable work:life 


      Prevent risk of BURNOUT

I was just surviving day to day

photo pam.JPG

“I was hoping to get to the bottom of my digestive issues; especially as years ago I was given a blanket diagnosis of IBS and was told there was nothing more that could really be done.

I have learnt a tonne about the way the body and mind are all linked in ways I had never considered before. Using such a multifaceted approach in this program has meant I have been able to live a much more fulfilling life. Before I felt like I was just surviving day to day, coasting through life, just getting through the days. I now feel like I am doing the things I want to do, feeling happier in myself, understanding what my needs are and how I can help my mind and body heal. The best thing is knowing that there was a different way to live and that life could be what I wanted it to be."

 Pam M

I am starting to feel like a new person

Rachel H.jpeg

"I was feeling exhausted all the time and really uncomfortable in my body. Being overweight and unfit was making me unhappy and stopping me doing what I wanted in life. 

[now] I have more energy, have started to learn how to listen to my body and I feel really positive about the changes I have made. 


I have taken back my self – confidence and have started to value myself again. 


My life has been more positive over the last 6 months than it has been for years.

I am starting to feel like a new person, who is much more healthy with a positive outlook on life. Investing in myself has been the best thing I have ever done!"

(Rachel has currently lost over 4 stone in weight in less than a year)

Rachel H

Increased my energy & Decreased Stress

julia A.jpg

"I was constantly overwhelmed and tired. I could not start the day before having a latte and often had pots and pots of green tea throughout the day to get me through it.


I was irritable and short with my family and loved ones and didn’t really like myself.


I thought (the program) would be very time consuming. Time is very precious to me as I have a very demanding full time job, two children under 6 that always want my attention and a husband that also wants lots of quality time and attention from me.


Now I have learnt to listen to what my body really needs and made time for myself

I am completely caffeine free, I have lots of energy and feel healthy. I sleep better, I am in better moods and can cope with all the crazy activities that fit into one day. I can smile at myself."

Julia A

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